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Our Devoted Home Care company believes that even high professionalism cannot replace such qualities as sensitivity, attentiveness, commitment and diligence. Our staff is screened and constantly tested. Caregiver with high moral standards provide the best care for the sick. We guarantee to relatives that their loved one is in both safe and experienced hands.

Patients should be well cared for, providing sanitary services around the clock, seven days a week, enabling the patient to feel as comfortable as possible (if possible). We can offer home care services for living patients, not only for bed patients but also for older people who find it difficult to care for themselves. Relatives can order this service, both for short and long-term, depending on the health state of the patient. Each caregiver gives a piece of his soul, time and care to the client. However, there are 5 basic skills that every worker must have to look after patients.

The caregiver is obliged to help to improve the patient’s conditions. Regardless of whether you come across our services for the first time or not — it will be useful for you to read this article.

Observation and awareness

A good caregiver will become not just a friend for her patient, but also a “window to another world”, who is waiting for him after improving his condition. A worker who has faced various difficulties in life has a sense of responsibility and duty to his patients. A caregiver is a link between the ward and his life. The caregiver is the human profession whose work helps you and your loved ones in difficult times when both illness and age take their toll. The selfless work of our employees may not guarantee recovery, but it protects the patient as far as possible from complications caused by a primary or secondary disease.


Caring for such a person is not as easy as it seems. It is very important that the customer be clearly and quickly informing about all the changes that have occurred. The caregiver clearly and consistently tells his observations to the staff of the home health agency responsible for the overall management of the client’s case. With this information, an agency employee (usually a service coordinator or a manager) can identify and install additional resources, providing appropriate recommendations, or communicating with the rest of the client’s team to plan further care.

Moreover, workers with good communication skills are more likely to follow the agency instructions and can help the client to communicate with others. Psychological assistance provided to a sick person is also needed, conversations on abstract topics, reading, etc. will not allow the patient’s mind to concentrate only on sickness and suffering.


Patients with a similar lifestyle remain optimistic in rare cases. Severe pathological processes leave their imprint on both the physical and spiritual state of a person. We have to take a share of these changes. The patient may refuse to eat, take medication, become irritable. Therefore, the caregiver should be a good psychologist. After all, it is extremely rare for a recumbent patient to remain positive.

The caregivers who were able to find a common language with the patients feel themselves better.


How much can you trust a stranger? The patient may increase blood pressure, slow down or increase the pulse frequency at any time. Our specialist will not be confused in any situation and will quickly make the right decision. They will show compassion and patience, providing full sanitary and hygienic care for the elderly, showing psychological skills and being attentive to the procedures.

A caregiver is not just a person providing care for a ward, the most important thing is to be a good and reliable friend who will support morally, holding hands in difficult moments.


Entrust the caregiver’s selection to professionals. Our agency selects professional carers to work with the elderly, the sick and the disabled. The patient is always supervised, our carers constantly monitor the ward’s condition to perform hygienic care.

We have collected numerous candidates. All the forms are stored in the electronic system. Selection takes minimum time. High-level home care agencies do an incredible job of increasing transparency and ensuring clients to receive safe, confidential, and ethical assistance.

Of course, establishing trust relationships takes time — especially for those who are faced with this type of service for the first time.

If you or a loved one is concerned about the caregiver’s honesty, our home care agency should always take these problems seriously and offer solutions, ranging from coaching training, increasing oversight or changing staffing to resolve all the issues quickly.

Of course, the caregiver can have more qualities. A professional is obliged to help to improve the patient’s conditions, preventing the development of the underlying disease complications. Each client has unique needs and finding an agency that takes time to hire specialized carers and accommodate those who care for them with their respective customers is crucial to the success of any home care plan.

The work of a caregiver is not limited only to professional duties, he provides ward’s complete care and assistance in any necessary matters. This profession has always been in demand. But, like any profession involving close communication with people, is not easy. Moreover, knowing that the caregiver usually works with patients in serious condition or with elderly people having a “bunch” of diseases and memory problems, it can be said this profession is doubly difficult – both physically and morally. But fortunately, there are wonderful people who have dedicated themselves to this. If you or a loved one are considering home care for the first time, or are having trouble finding a specialist who is perfect for you or a loved one, it is the time to contact Devoted Home Care or request a free consultation to learn how we can manage to help the New York people to live a long and happy life.