“We applied to the company more than a year ago. I needed help around the clock for my mother (She is 85 years old). All the women who took care of my mother were attentive, accurate and kind. Mom reached an understanding with them. Many thanks to the nurses, who treated Mama. Here you will always find the right specialist according to your wishes”

Avery G.

“I have used DevotedHC services more than once. I want to say a big thank to the lovely co-workers! They will always help out, finding good caregivers. They are conscientious and professional. I usually leave on business trips with a calm soul, as I know that every morning the nurse will come and my 88-year-old mother will not remain without help and supervision. Thank you very much!”

Bernadette B.

“We are constantly using the services of DevotedHC. Care for the grandfather. I want to express my thanks to the employees of the company for their sensitivity, understanding, punctuality, professionalism, discipline and the desire to support and help in difficult situations. I think that this is one of the best services in the city. You usually help us in a difficult moment. Huge thanks to all of you!”

Ryan N.

“I thank the service for understanding. Had the problem of leaving an elderly person for a few hours a day. It was urgent. I was pleasantly surprised DevotedHC had picked up the aide as soon as possible. I calmly left on business the next day, but my father left under the supervision and I did not worry at all. I want to express gratitude despite the fact that several months have passed. It is very pleasant to communicate with you. Wish you good luck!”

Aaron S.

“For six days I was sitting with my dad after the operation, but could not sit anymore — I was called to work. I asked the agency for help and immediately found a caregiver. Very, very grateful for the wonderful aides and speediness of solving my problem. I can not imagine what I would do without your help”

Isaiah R.

“When my 86-year-old dad got to the hospital, I applied for help to DevotedHC. I was picked up by two beautiful carers — both with a wonderful character, understanding how to handle old sick people. I want to thank the DevotedHC once more for the necessary and timely help and for the wonderful professional staff. I wish you all the best!”

Henry B.

“I want to express my deep gratitude to the service and the manager! She found and sent the nurse even on holidays, although other services did not even call back. My mother was in the hospital last year in a reclining position for more than a month. Thank God now my mother is walking. Many thanks to you and your service! If you contact this service, you will not regret it. I advise!”

Julia K.

“Expressing my respect to DevotedHC. Many thanks to the employee for the warmth, calmness, and help in difficult situations. Huge thanks to your caregivers for professionally, conscientiously and performing their work despite the severe succor of our mother. You deserve the highest praise!”

Tonya Z.

“Many thanks to the DevotedHC. My friend with a serious illness urgently needed a caregiver. The staff of the service promptly sent us help. For two months, we were helped by qualified, attentive and caring specialists. Thank you very much!”

Noah B.

“I want to express my gratitude to the head of the company. There are two 90-old men with the bunch of problems, and we had to leave for 3 weeks. We turned to the DevotedHC for help and our hopes were justified. A woman with a very kind heart, attentive, hardworking, accurate, professional, positive in every sense of the word and not indifferent came to us. She is just a universal who can not only cook delicious food for seniors, considering all their diabetic problems but also help in all their delicate problems and talk them through. At the same time, the house was shining with cleanliness and our old men were shining with joy and gratitude too. Huge thanks for everything, and most importantly for your attitude, parents remember you with gratitude and wish you the strongest health and huge human happiness !!!”

Isabelle B.

“Expressing thanks to the whole service, and to its head for professionalism, well-organized work, efficiency, punctuality. And, most importantly, for humanity, support, and understanding. A close man who needed help was in safe hands. Thank you”

Leah J.

“I want to express my deep gratitude to the management and caregivers of DevotedHC. They have chosen a caregiver for my grandfather, who had withstood surgery… The aide is attentive, polite, able to support the conversation and “powder the brain” in a good sense of the word. All the girls were excellent interlocutors, thank you very much! Doctors did not leave grandfather a chance … the account went for days … and only thanks to the deep faith and work of your caregivers, our granddad is already walking on the 4th floor and outside, preparing for summer! Low bow to you and best wishes)”

Zoey L.

“Wonderful caregiver and a responsible person, doing her job at the highest level. Thank you for her sympathetic heart, diligence, energy, and, most importantly, professionalism. We brought my mother home with a severe form of stroke and needed to rebuild life and learn to live. This is what the quick, cheerful and able aide did. Care for my mother was excellent, grooming and feeding on time, cleanliness and accuracy. My mother was in good hands. A huge support and positive emotions came from her. My success attend you!”

Aiden G.

“We applied to DevotedHC for the first time and were pleasantly surprised. I needed a nurse in the hospital during the postoperative period. I want to express my gratitude to the staff for their understanding, support, efficiency. And the most important thing is the quality and approach to work. Only the warmest words can be said about the nurse: attentive, patient, delicate. Care for our mother was at the highest level! Thank you for your work and, most importantly, attitude to work”

David S.

“We want to express our great gratitude to your professionals, for their great heart, calmness and most importantly — patience. At the very moment, the employee is sitting with my ill grandmother in the hospital. We have not met such a responsible and bright man. An honest employee! Positive, huge support and positive emotions. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I wish you the best of everything”

Chloe & Bill G.

“I want to express my great and deserved gratitude to you, your organization and all the employees! You render an invaluable help to people in a difficult life situation, doing it worthily. Many thanks for the cordiality, the ability to understand and accept all the problems (in our case, Alzheimer’s disease), for honesty and decency. We applied to other companies, providing similar services, but they can not even be compared to the professional work of your professionals. Thanks again.”

Emma S.

“Thank you so much for your activity and work. You have proved that you worry about seniors. You really CARE about people in trouble. Thank you very much for being with us in the difficult days! I wish you every success!”

Mark T.

“Our family asked this agency to find an aide for an elderly woman after a stroke. The work performed by the employees of the Devoted HC deserves the highest evaluation and recognition of our family. Thank the employee for her understanding and help, even in desperate situations. We wholeheartedly wish you prosperity and success in your hard work.”

Donna W.

“After caring for my father by myself for three years I was totally exhausted. But Devoted HC saved me. The care team organized my dad’s care schedule and provided the most caring and attentive caregiver that I could have ever hoped for. I have been very pleased with their services and highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of elder caregiving.”

Alice M.

“I have been very pleased with Devoted Home Care and their services. The staff is excellent. They are very attentive, responsible, and caring. I have no worries when I know they are with my mom.”

David A.

“DevotedHC is not the first agency we tried and we are pleased with their services. The caregiver assigned to the care of our mother is well trained, polite and responsible. We appreciate not only the help, but the companionship and the time you take to truly care for her. Thank you!”

Mira T.

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